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New a this product. Need help

I just loaded OpenFire 3.4.5 on a MS 2003 SP2, try to lauch admin but all i get is a blank page on the web browser. What did i do wrong? Do i need to load Java or any 3rd parties software in order for openfire to lauch? and that is it.

Thanks in advance

You should not need any additional software. Are the ports allowed? How did you start the server? You either need to create and start the service or use the openfire application in the start menu to start the server. I would recommend the service. Instructions for creating the service are in the documantation folder inside the openfire program folder.

i’m able telnet from another server telnet 9090 and got a blank screen so i know the port is open

i click on the “launch admin” button, a browser open and on the bottom right it said 'done" and that is it.


Any antivirus software that would have interfered with the install? If you are starting the openfire server via the application are there ay errors in the window for the application?

I went ot C:\Program Files\Openfire/bin and click on openfire.exe and this is all i got below no other errors

Openfire 3.4.5

Admin console listening at

It sounds like the server is starting correctly. There is nothing running on this server that would interfere with teh web browser reaching the destination address? Oh and try the fully qualified domain name for the server for the URL (i.e., could make all the difference with the security in server 2K3 sp2.

I use the URL http://localhost:9090 on my server 2K3 sp2 machine with no issue so that may be the answer also. Windows can be so frustrating sometimes.

I assume this is the first launch after install, so there shouldnt be any domain name set. Configuration page should appear.

that did it.

thank you very much.

My pleasure.

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The FQDN is not controlled by the openfire server it is controlled by the DNS server. You need to make them match for optimal operation. You should be able to access the server by it FQDN.