Admin Login Failure simple default installation

I downloaded the windows version of OpenFire 3.7.0 and installed it and ran the setup. Simple configuration, embedded DB, let it handles its own authentication etc. Gave it an admin id and password, and then when trying to login to the admin account I get failure.

I removed the setup element from the openfire.xml during a restart of the server and went through the steps again, and still failure. Simple passwords used, and apparently accepted. No errors in the error.log; warnings in the warning log deal with the failed login and the one message about

2011.08.01 11:50:10 Admin console: Using RSA certificates but they are not valid for the hosted domain

But I think I have decided this isn’t relevant.

I might just un-install and re-install, but I feel like I am going to end up in the same place.


Forget it. I misinterpreted the setup admin email as establishing the admin login name.