Admin login help

Hello All,

I have recently taken over the responsibility of our internal chat server from someone who has left the company and I cannot login to the openfire admin console. Is there a way to reset the admin password? I also tried to log in on the server via SSH and that is not working either.

If you can’t login and access the server (specifically the folder where Openfire is installed), then nothing you can do.

I have gained access to the server now. What would I be looking for now?

Do you have a user that you can login with a client (say in Spark or other app)? You can add it as admin temporarily.

Stop Openfire (not sure how it is running on that server, maybe some kind of service/daemon).

Go to its installation folder - /openfire/conf/

Edit openfire.xml

Add that user as admin (check this message for the format - 3. message)

Start Openfire and login with that new user to Admin Console

Go to Users/Groups, press on admin user and reset its password. Log out and try logging in again with admin.

If you can login with it, you can then go to Users/Groups and remove administrator permission from that other use (or you can leave it if you wish).