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Admin login not working on a new Linux install

Following the installation directions for a basic install on a Fedora Linux machine, I used the RPM to install OpenFire. Then I started the OpenFire service and went to the configuration web page. I selected the Embedded database, did not change any ports, and I configured my Admin user with an email address and password. I got a screen next that tells me everything installed good, and it provided me with a link to the login page. I clicked on that link, keyed in “admin” for the Username and the password that I had configured earlier. Click on the Login button and…

Invalid user??

I feel like there must be something mis-documented for something so basic and default not to work. Can anyone tell me what the default username and password should be? Clearly, it’s not using what I configured.


Hi Dave,

There is a bug that affects the first login, please try restarting openfire and see if you can log in.

service openfire restart


Thanks, Daryl! That was the problem, indeed.