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Admin Login Suddenly Stopped Working

I setup an openfire server for my company about a month ago and it’s been working fine. For some reason yesterday, I tried to login to the admin console and my username/password no longer works. I haven’t changed any settings since I got it working a month ago. I’m using the HSQLD, openfore 3.6.0, and LDAP for the usernames including the one I use to login to the console that no longer works. Any ideas on what could have caused this? Thanks.*

did your password change? if you are usning LDAP the password will change with LDAP changes. Did you get moved to a new LDAP container outside the baseDN? There could be any number of reasons. The easiest fix is to edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false, while openfire server is not running. Then start openfire and go to the admin page. you will need to walk through the config again but most of the fields should be filled in. test each stage including admin user authentication.

My password has not changed, I can still login through Spark and our Windows domain. Nothing with the LDAP should have changed unless it was something automatic that Windows Server does (like expired passwords) but I will try going through the setup again like you suggested. Thanks.

Ok, I went through the setup process again and it’s working, though I’m not really sure why that would have happened in the first place. Thanks for your help.

Hi Wrexer,

this same has happened to me too with 3.6.0. However I was not using LDAP.

However I’m still not sure if it was me screwing things up back then (2 weeks ago) or I’ll find another reason.

hi, i got same problem from today. i am using mysql and didn’t even changed the password. i had 2 admin users. none of them is being able to login. and i had saved the passwords in firefox remember. i tried all the password, but not able to login.

how to recover the password?

hey i got the bug the reason.

when i changed the openfire servername and restarted the service. it don’t allowed the admin or any other login.

i modified the openfire.xml file and set false, restared the service.and re setup the serve.

this time i set the servename to older one the original. and then it started working will old admin login. nothing lost.

again i changed the servername. and then again the login stoped working…

so it don’t let us change the servername. but i think it should.

Solution is pretty simple.

Example: Before, your servername was example.com and you changed it to jabber.example.com

To solve the login issue, fire up mysql and do the following:

UPDATE ofProperty SET propValue = 'admin@jabber.example.com' WHERE propValue = 'admin@example.com';

restart the server and voila, login is working again.