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Admin Page Blank - New Install - Server 2008 - VMWare

I have just installed Openfire 3.6.4 on Windows 2008 Server Standard in VMWare. I defaulted everything in the install and the admin page comes up blank. I can telnet to the server on port 9090 so I know it is at least listening. Could anyone provide me with direction?


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I have read through as many of the other suggestions as possible and I still come up with blanks. I have tried using the FQDN:9090, I have tried using different ports, I have restarted the Windows Server and the Openchat Server several times to no avail. It has to be something simple I am just missing it.

OK after some tinkering I have it all up and running. Here are some steps for everyone who may be experiencing this same issue.

  1. You will need to configure IE ESC in Server Manager. You need to turn it off for Administrators and you will need to also turn it off for Users if you wish them to be able to manage the console.

  2. Installation of a JRE (Java). I used www.java.com and just installed the latest one which is version 6 Update 21.

  3. The Openfire Server program needs to be run as an Administrator so it has permission to write to logs and such. (Windows 2008 Server)