Admin panel goes to setup!

I installed openfire last night, and when I came in this morning, the client wouldn’t connect. I restarted openfire, and attempted to connect to the admin panel. It goes to the setup page. If I go ahead and do the setup and click go to admin panel at the end, it restarts the setup!

Any ideas?


are you using Windows or Linux? Are you sure that you did terminate Openfire before starting it again, otherwise two copies would be running.


Sorry. This is on a CentOS5 install. I tried a “/etc/init.d/openfire stop” then ran “ps aux |grep openfire” Nothing there. So I restarted with “/etc/init.d/openfire start”

I got to localhost:9090 and get the install page again and again and again.

I think I found the problem, but I’m not sure what to do for a solution. It seems that “/etc/init.d/openfire start” spawns a server, but the config file is never written. It somehow uses my correct config file if I start the server via the “/opt/openfire/bin/”. Any idea why that would be?


does the user who is running Openfire (likely jive) has write permissions to conf/openfire.xml?


NICE! I don’t know how that got changed, but the conf files in /opt/openfire/conf got changed to root:root. I changed them to daemon:daemon, and my server started up nicely.

Thanks again!