Admin password change... 3 places?

Hello all,

I’m taking over where an outsourced vendor once was, and for security reasons need to change the passwords associated w/ openfire. I know how to change the ldap admin password, but when I change it and that of the openfire AD account, users become unable to log into Spark. The openfire admin console says the db is SQL ver 8.0 w/ JDBC, but when opening the SQL Enteprise Mgr, there is no mention of Openfire. I’ve lowered the rights in the AD for the openfire account (from admin to user), but would like to change the ldap password. what am I missing?



ok, so I found the openfire db in the SQL Mgr (was logged into the wrong server profile). Now, I can barely spell SQL, so can anyone point me to where in the db I can change the password associated w/ Openfire… unless I’m missing the boat somewhere. Thanks again.

Where you ever able to find. I am in a similar situtaion, locked out of OpenFire that is using AD authentication and SQL Server 2008 as backend.

Any help would be appreciated.