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Admin password error

hey guys this is my first post and my first day trying to learn and setup openfire so excuse i make it harder than it should to understand.
OK, so first i have been trying to get openfire to work locally with android and in the process, i entered a wrong XMPP domain so i had to re-install the software because i read somewhere that was my best option. upon reinstalling it i am no longer able to login into my admin account which i don’t recall changing the password too. i did create a new user and set a password for that user but that was all i did. i have tried restarting the computer as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the software i just don’t know what else to do. can someone please help me because it is looking like i will have to go find another server to use since i cant even try making a new account with a different email.

You should make a clean reinstall (after uninstalling Openfire also remove its installation folder as it might have old database left behind in there).

I did that and still. I also ended up reinstalling the whole wamp server with the mysql database since i wanted to completely remove any trqces of it. After i did this i was able to re register but i am still dealing with the same problem

Im not familiar with wamp. Make sure you actually remove that mysql database. You can also try installing Openfire with embedded database option. If that will work, then it is for sure that your old database is still present.

The problem is that i need a big and fast database and as i read the embbeded database is limited

I’m suggesting embedded database just to see if you will be able to login with admin with it. If you do, then it will show that you are not cleaning old installation completely.

ok thanks, i was able to get access today.