Admin password got deleted

admin user is mistakenly deleted. now can not sign in the console. there were two admin users created , they also can not login to the console. we are using pantion. its working fine. can any of you people tell the solution. thanks


you can add one or more users in conf/wildfire.xml which will have admin rights, you need to uncomment the section. Restart Wildfire and then you can login.


can u plz help me by telling me how to edit the file. i have seen the section is there

but can u plz tell me how to uncomment and save



<!-- <authorizedUsernames></authorizedUsernames> -->



NO luck, i tried to do so several times but no luck

Open any file editor and while editting the file…

Look for the line

OR put another name you want in there instead of mad_heart.

Save the file.

I only recommend doing the copy because it’'s nice to see what the original line was above it.

i appreciate ur interest, but what abt the password, i tried this as well but

Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’'re an admin or moderator

error comes,

plz guide me in this regard



Thanks God it worked, thanks all

Hi All,
While deleting inactive users i mistakenly deleted the “admin” user from admin console and now my admin consol is opening fine but as admin deleted i can’t login to admin consol., openfire server installed on windows 10. I am using openfire inbuilt database ( embedded database )
I need to gain access to do my daily administration tasks to create new users and get reports etc …
Can you suggest me how to fix it ?
Exp : can i recreate admin users through any back end config file ?
can i give admin/administrator rights to aready existed normal user in openfire ?
any possible way kindly share …
waiting for replies…

Talwinder, please stop reviving discussions that are many years old. This same question has been asked and answered in many threads now.

For future reference: To temporarily restore access to the admin console of Openfire, you can configure Openfire to use a a One-Time Access Token. This process is described in