Administor client contacts & disabling users adding contacts


I am using wildfire 3.1.1 with spark 2.6. Is there a way to view users contacts & administor them?

The company i work for want to be to control/prevent users adding their own contacts, especially when using IM gateway to connect to their MSN, as we want to prevent the system from being abused, ie staff sat chatting to their friends all day instead of customers & clients.

Is there currently a way to administor this type of control?

If not is it likely to be a feature in teh future or not?

Many thanks

You could setup groups, WIldfire allows that, they can;t add to or take from those. The MSN thing though, I do not have any idea if it is possible.


i have the same need too…

Its possible to restrict some MSN contacts for each WildFire users ?

How to do that ?


maybe this is up to IM Gateway? So you should try to ask in the appropriate forum