Administrator access to admin conole quick question

Hi folks,

This morning people browsing through and ones that left a few messages. Thank you so much.

I employ your assistance again.

My boss is requiring that I give him admin right as well as the admin user I already have set up.

I am aware of the conf/openfire.xml that sits out there that controls that start of the console as to who controls it and who doesn’t.

I change the tag true to false i am to see that the console will reset itself. I understand that and in the testing parts of the software when first introduced to it about 3 months ago - this was done several times. I never really paid much attention to the settings if they were kept everytime as I really messed it over several times and had to restart the server configuration from stratch. :expressionless: You know Live and Learn sort of ideas.

The main question: Will ALL - I repeat - WILL ALL SETTINGS STAY THE SAME with everything BUT the admin users I place in there. If I go through the wizard again when changing the tag to FALSE instead of TRUE?

The Shares for the groupings took me quite a long time to configure and get going and I don’t want to change. If you haven’t already figured it out - I am using LDAP as the authentication server. Oh and not to mention the fact that there are several other customized things I have completed that I do not want to change.

Either way, please get back to me when you have a chance. Thank you for your attention and committment to this community forumn. Already I have learned so much from here. Feel free to write back with this tread or drop me a Private Massage.

Thanks again.

I can’t help you with your question, but first of all, don’t write in captial letters. That’s your second post in that manner today. Captial letters are normally interpreted as screaming, let’s call it discourteous.

My Apologizes for this error.

First of all is there not a list of admin users in the openfire.xml? If there is just add his username there. If not then yes your other data should stay as you have it. It should not remove anything that is already in the database, but to be safe just backup the openfire install directory and the database before moving on.

Thanks for the post - right now there are only two that are listed. And we have to keep it that way for right now.

I will back it up and try it soon.

Thanks so much.

-William Spillman

Right but if you rerun the setup it will just add the third. You can save the hassle and anxiety by editing the openfire.xml directly with notepad++. You must stop the openfire server first.

mtstravel -Nice. I knew you could do that but it did not work earlier today. Sorry I did not make that clear earlier.

The key is the server can not be running while you edit the file. It caches the settings it had at start while running.

Good deal. That is i guess what I missed from the get go. I feel like such a Noobie. Anyway, umm.

Nice. I have to many users that are depending on it to try that for right now - I will try it on monday and reply to what happens.

Thanks for your insite into this matter. Have a great weekend.

Oh and yeah I will answer to whatever happens on Monday.

Thanks again.

-William L.