Advanced configuration for server to server

Advanced configuration for server to server

I have two servers with windows 2008 installation openfire 3.8.2 with the following information
Server 1 - The Domain IP 128.xx integrated with your LDAP domain
Server 2 - Dominio B IP integrated with your LDAP domain

Only registered users can use the fields in exchangers posts
Domain A does not trust Domain B, but Domain B trusts A
There is a firewall rule allowing servidor.dominioB visit servidor.dominioA on port 5269
This configured on both servers the option server to server
I’m using the client Pandion 2.6.106

I’m able to log into each server with User respective fields, but I can not add a user from another domain to make an exchange of messages

Can someone give me some help?

Already accessed all served to post on the community server and could not solve the problem

sorry for my english

You mention that firewall only allows domain B to access domain A. Try disabling firewall temporarily and see if that changes anything. Also, i didn’t understand sentence about trusts. Do you mean you didn’t added Domain B as a whitelisted server into domain A list? This also can be a problem.

Problem solved.
added the two domain option in Server => Server Configuration => HTTP Binding => Provides support for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
I added the two domains and was able to retrieve users from the other domain

thanks to all, especially to fellow wroot

I have not found reference to property in any post or step by step configuration of this option


This option looks interesting… But I’m not sure how to do this… anyone can post a short how to?

That will help allot!