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Advanced logging


I’'d like to extend JM by some advanced server-side message logging functionality. To do that, I need access to events like presence changes and messages. I would like to implement this as a plugin. Is there some event listener I can implement and register without replacing the objects that actually manage and route the events?

In the first place I need reading access to presence changes and p2p messages, later also MUC and file transfer support.

All classes I have found so far are modules registered by the server core, processing a certain class of events exclusively.

Is it possible to implement such a “global event logger” as a plugin? Or do I have to hack the core? As my project is just a prototype, that would be an option, but of course I’'d prefer to use the plugin interface.



Hey Frank,

As we talked yesterday in the “Live developer chat” we are going to add support for listeners and interceptors to Messenger. So you will be able to hook up any custom logic you need when a new packet is received or sent. You can vote on this issue: JM-218


– Gato


osi, it could be very useful plugin, so good luck in working on it:)

Hey guys,

Last Friday I added support for interceptors. You can now register your own PacketInterceptor (could be used as a listener too) which will be notified of every packet that has been received or sent. For more information download the latest nightly build or code from CVS and read the InterceptorManager and PacketInterceptor classes.

Let me know how it goes.


– Gato