Advice on upgrade: Wildfire 3.2.4 > Openfire 3.6.3 (MySQL)

So, I’m getting ready to upgrade my old Wildfire 3.2.4 install to a current OpenFire 3.6.3; the server runs RedHat Enterprise 4. The DB uses MySQL on a remote server; MySQL is at version 4.1.22.

I’ve followed the upgrade and Linux install guides, moved/renamed/edited the .xml file, and am basically ready to:

  1. turn off Wildfire
  2. disable the Wildfire service
  3. enable the Openfire service
  4. start Openfire.

Have I forgotten anything? Are their any hidden demons in the MySQL upgrade scripts I should worry about? etc.

Thanks all,


To close off my own question: Upgrade completed.

I had some problems in the upgrade scripts #14 and $19, requiring a bit of hand tweaking of the scripts. This had happened to me in past upgrades, so I was on the lookout for it. Otherwise, all went well.


Sounds like: JM-1470


Indeed it does, thanks. I voted for the issue.