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After Monitoring Plugin upgrade to 2.2.0 messages are not readable

I upgraded my Monitoring plugin from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 and now all of the message conversations in the archive say “The messages in this conversation were not archived”. This is the case for conversations before and after the plugin update. I have restarted the Openfire service.

I noticed in the changelog there was a change to message archive functionality so I assume my issue is related. I have not yet tried downgrading the version back to 2.1.0. My Openfire version is 4.6.0.

Any advice appreciated.

Before doing anything, create backups, just to be sure.

What client/version is given you this message?

The update will have caused some message identifiers to have been changed. There’s a decent chance that the messages are still in your archive (none of the changes in this update are known to cause loss of data), but using a different identifier than what your clients use. If that’s the case, then reacquiring the messages from the server could fix things.

Hello and thanks for the reply. This is being noticed in the Openfire management web interface under Server > Archiving > Search Archive. I do get the impression messages are being archived. When looking through the search results I can see valid names and durations.

I tried rebuilding the index, but that had no effect. I then downgraded the plugin to v2.1.0. Now I’m able to see new chats, and and chats that occured before the 2.2.0 upgrade, but any chats that occured while on 2.2.0 still show the same as my screenshot above.