After receiving file OPEN button not working

I have install last version Spark IM client. I received file and click open button, but not work "OPEN"button, “OPEN FOLER” button working fine.

Please help,

Which version of Spark exactly and what file type? I have tested with the newest version and Open button works if the file is associated with some program to open it. If no program is associated, when nothing happens. I think Spark is searching for an associated app and as it doesn’t find it, it just quits. Windows explorer usually shows Open with dialog, but i think it is not required for the IM client to do such stuff. It is sufficient that it can launch a program to open a file of a known type.

Hi. I just purchased Ignite version 1.4.1 running on a Mac in Yosemite & am having a similar issue. I can go to where I’ve saved the .aisp file created with Ignite & double click to open it, but when I use the “open” feature in the software, the same file is greyed out as if it isn’t recognized. Since I can double click the file I created to open it, it’s not a huge issue, but it’s still a bit mystifying.

What do you mean by “purchased”? We are not selling anything here. What is this Ignite you are talking about? There is also no 2.7.x version of Spark for Mac, so you most probably are using something older. This can be an issue with an older version, or maybe it would behave the same with 2.7.x also on mac. But we don’t have Mac developers here to fix such issues.