After resetting ulimit to 2048 MSN will not connect

UPDATE: Had to down the server process and restart and the transport came back. it looked to be hung even though I restarted the instance several times. problem resolved. 04) Connection closed before session established


I doubt that it is related, but after my java and limiits issue, Now I get the above error, where is was working prior to the implosion…

any ideas?

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Hi Jeff,

if you are using only 350 MB of your java heap (Java Memory 354.57 MB of 1444.50 MB (24.5%) used) then it makes sense to set Xms to 300 MB and Xmx 500 MB. If you get a normal OufOfMemory error you can still increase the Xmx size.

I assume that changing the Xss value does not help on linux, a native thread may always use 256kB.

As you did mention that you are using the Gateway Plugin I wonder if your problem is somehow caused by it. A thread dump could help.


I still haven;t filled the server up yet. I barely have 650 users on the server yet, have another 3200 to go (at last count this morning, will be more as we are adding 150 accounts a week). I have plenty of Physical RAM on the box, so I think I will leave it at 1500 for now, will check it again on the Monday after the 17th of Feb when the old server turns off.

I use the Py Transport for MSN solely. as I am only on 3.0.0. Thanks for the response though. I finally moved the ulimit up to 4096 and will watch the logs over the next several days to see if the errors begin again. The Xss entry didn;t seem to make a difference, I am back to the two mem entries again without -XX:Max… I got a nohup that I still want to go through tomorrow, and will do so before I leave the office Thursday.

Thanks for the response. have to open another question now on a ‘‘new’’ error I have been watchig today. It seems that as soon as I went over 449 users this morning everything went south on me today.