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After server reboot Admin logon gone

I have this strange problem server has been up and running for weeks and installed using external sql db. I had to reboot the server and now when I goto Admin login I get the Install Openfire screen. This has happened before but I cannot remember what I did to fix this. The Database still exists and Openfire is defo installed so why am I seeing the Install Openfire screen instead of the Admin logon?

I have searched the forum but to no avail.

Many Thanks in advance and may I say congrats to the Openfire team for such an excellent piece of software, very stable.


Walk thrgough the setup and keep the existing settings. This happens when you do an upgrade of the system software and it could be that your server thought it needed to re-setup. There is a flag in the config file on the second to last line, you should have: <setup>true</setup> . In your case it looks like <setup>false</setup>. Try chainging it and see if you can login. If not, then it is possible your config file needs to get re-created by going through the setup or restoring a back up of it.


I wonder if Openfire did fail to save the openfire.xml file and tries now to generate it again. Or it has a problem to detect the right OPENFIRE_HOME and thus fails to read openfire.xml - but this should be seen in the Openfire log files.


Hi thanx for replying. I went through the setup and now I am getting the http 500 error after it has made a connection to the DB.



I have checked the line and it was set too <setup>true</setup>.

I tried to reinstall using a different mysql table that I made an gave it a new username and password with full permissions but still it gets to the 500 error, its very strange because nothing has changed on the server and no updates where performed on Openfire all I did was reboot the machine.

Any further help please?

Many Thanks

I would use a MySQL admin too to backup my database, create a new database, and then change the <setup>true</setup> in the openfire.xml to false and use a new MySQL database to install to. It sounds like your DB got corrupted when you rebooted the machine. Once you get the server re-setup, then you could try to re-import the user data from your old tables.