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After upgrade Monitoring Service doesn't work

I just upgraded to the newest version of Openfire and it has broken my Monitoring Service. I have re-installed the plugin, restarted it, re-installed Openfire, installed it manually and have tried everything else I can think of and the “Archive” settings will not show up in the administration console. So while I am sure the server is logging everything, I can’t see the settings or the logs because the “Archive” settings never show up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for the replies!

I can only suggest to revert to a backup, if you have one. Monitoring plugin seems to has some issues with the Openfire upgrades. I do have issue with it. Though in my case it doesnt show with Statistics page only. But this is happening only on one server. The other server is working fine though. Jive is not actively working on Openfire now, so it’s hard to find a developer to look into this problem.