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After upgrade to 3.8.1 cant Login Admin

Hello ,

I update openfire to 3.8.1 version . I user centos CentOS Linux 5.8 version and use mysql server for openfire . I use rpm pack for update first ı backup old installed directory and install rpm whit rpm -Uvh xxx.rpm command. After start openfire and first install step i do all success. But i can’ t login admin account . I try to change admin account on databse which table ofUser password and update to password plantext. But did not success.

Could you please give any advice for my issue.


Best Regards.

First you dont change any password in mysql (Ofuser) it will not work , now you need to restore your mysql database from backup in mysql command is below :

Example if you have to mysql backup than run below command :

/etc/iniit.d/openfire stop

#mysql -u root -p -h localhost databasename < mysqlbackup.sql

/etc/init.d/openfire start

Hello ,

I have no backup database before upgrade. This is my false . After upgrade i create backup mysql . Could you give me any other advice place . Thanks for your reply .

Hello Akin,

You have any other admin user ?

Hello Akin,

Find the openfire.xml file in the Conf directory, open it in your favorite text editor and place the following within the tags


add above line in /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml

restart openfire

atlease you know one user password define this user in above setting

Thanks very much i did it and its success . I can login web interface.

Thanks for your kindly interest.

Best Regards