AIM auto-sign off causes issues

I found another issue.

  1. Sign on to AIM gateway.

  2. Connect to AIM using a non-xmpp client.

  3. From the non xmpp client select 1 when you recieve this message: Your screen name (***) is now signed into AOL® Instant Messenger ™ in 2 locations. To sign off the other location(s), reply to this message with the number 1. Click here for more information.

  4. The xmpp client “appears” to be signed on, IE the contact list doesn’'t change even though I am signed off through the XMPP client.




Hi Daniel,

you didn’'t create a new 1.x version within the GATE-project, did you? This seems to be an out-of-coffee-error? as now one can no longer use Road Map to browse the open issues and which of them will be solved within the next release. And the Change Log is completely empty.


added: one must select “all versions” to make use of the Road Map, so I wonder why the released versions are still displayed within the Road Map and not within the Change Log.

Aha! Thanks LT! I didn’'t know I actually had to click the “release” button next to each of the releases to get all that to work right. (I was just entering the release date and being done with it) Awesome, looks much better now, thanks!

Found another related issue: signing into AOL more than once and not saying sign-off my related sessions… if both sessions are through the gateway then i will recieve two messages on each client for each one my AIM buddy sends.



Just out of curiousity, how did you go about having both sessions through the gateway? Multiple JIDs registered with the same username?

Thats something I haven’'t been able to reproduce reliablely. But generally I have found sometimes I get kicked off Spark and I log back in, today I logged in for instance and AIM told me I was logged in from 4 locations. Multiple resources perhaps? or multiple JIDs registered with the same aim name may both be other ways to reproduce it.



It’'s possible you are leaving a “AIM session poop” as I like to call it. (in other words, the im gateway plugin is not properly cleanup up your previous session so in reality you are still logged into aim) Matt was seeing this as well as he was receiving 3 copies of AIM messages from 3 different logged in sessions. Definitely a bug though.