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Aim Buddy Bulk Add

I’m wondering if there are any tools for the AIM gateway that can be used for bulk loading of buddies for an aim account. It seems if you try to add many users (programmatically) at the same time, there seems to be an issue with the transport. It will only add some of the users instead of all. For example, if you try to add 300 buddies at once, you would only sometimes get one to be added. Most of the time, it would be zero. Is there anything similar to .blt file importing and exporting that can be used?


There is no mechanism for a “bulk add” but what you are doing -should- work so if it isn’t there’s definitely a problem. =D Of course there are limits on number of contacts per group in AIM so … are you adding them all to the same group? (they’re pretty high limits though)

Have you tried it with 1.1.3?

Have you considered that AIM itself might be rate limiting buddy adding procedures? I’m using the most up to date transport to no avail. We’re getting around the issue with throttling buddy add procedures, so it works, but slowly.

It is certainly possible that it’s rate limiting it, but joscar is supposed to be handling the rate limiting so… it “shouldn’t” be a problem. =)