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Aim contacts not showing up


When using the XMPP protocols to sign into wildfire, I am getting my contacts for yahoo using a RosterListener, but the same cannot be said about AIM or AOL instant messenger. Is there anyway to get the AIM roster when first registering the aim account with the jabber account?

Any help would be appreciated.

Unless your previous AIM client wasn’'t actually storing the information server side in AIM land, this should be working fine. (assuming you are able to log into AIM at all)

First try to login with http://go.icq.com this flashclient only uses the serverside-list, so if there are contacts in your list, this should work (otherwise you can see the first problem).

Then try this: Connect by xmpp then wait 1-3sec, disconnect and reconnect.

That’‘s the way I get my contactlist (yes, it’'s in about 90% the logins the same for me :confused: ).

Well, the ICQ2Go shows my list, but when I sign onto my wildfire server, my AIM contact list does not show up. I definitely can sign onto AIM, as my logs show I’‘ve had messages incoming from my other test AIM accounts. However, the contact list does not populate like it does for yahoo. I’‘m going to try the suggestion of signing in and out again with AIM. If it works, it works, but hopefully there’'s another programming based solution.

Interesting. I might need you to dump me some debugging logs to see if I can figure out what’‘s going on. I’'ve certainly never run into this myself. (contact list shows up properly every time)

Thank you very much for encouraging me to look at my logs. My problem was that my AOL screen name has a space in it, I have to remove the space from the username string before sending it. I appreciate the nudge in the right direction.

Hrm. Where did you register your account? The transport is -supposed- to take care of that for you. (ie, when you register it’'s supposed to auto-strip spaces)

Hi badiib,

just to be certain, did it work today, too?

My Account has no Space in (it’'s “WarEagle”) and I have this problem all day. Only sometimes if I log in after a reboot or restart of the IM it works at once.

I also took a look in the debuglogs, mostly nothing was printed, but sometimes it contained messages of a xmpp-message not beeing able to be send.

I’'ll test it today and post the log here.

At the moment I’'m happy not beeing the only one having this problem

I registered the account using the original icq-client many years ago and registrered at Openfire using the webfrontend.

Oh, one interesting fact about this. If the contactlist isn’'T loaded, other clients noticed me beeing online and are able to send me a message (tested with another im running on my computer). So all what is missing is the contactlist beeing transmitted to the jabber-clietn.

jadestorm, if you mean when and where did i first sign up for the account, it was on AOL instant messenger a looooooooong time ago. I’‘m attempting to sign into a dev wildfire server we’‘re using before rolling it out using a client i’'ve made now, using jabber.

wareagle, yeah, my problem is fixed now.

Nah I meant where you registered your account with the im gateway plugin. Did you do it via an XMPP client or did you do it for the web interface?

XMPP plugin, definitely XMPP plugin

I think we’‘re having issues getting our points across. =) No worries, we’'ll figure it out.

There are a number of ways you can register with transports running under the IM Gateway plugin. They are:

  1. Standard XEP-0100 registration, done via the client. In Psi, this is typically done via service discovery, right clicking on the transport in question, and choosing register. In Spark there are icons for most of the transports that you will see and you can use to register. Mileage may very in other clients.

  2. Using the “Registrations” dialog in the web interface that the IM Gateway plugin provides. You can register accounts via it without having to involve a client.

I’'m not sure what other mechanisms there might be, but do you happen to be using either method 1 or method 2?

Good Morning,

sorry for interrering once again, but I would say this is the same problem I have with my client

I have been registered to the gateway-plugin using the webfrontend of version 0.7 (0.7beta?) and my client I’‘m using was sim-icq (sim-im.org). This client has no ability to register at jabber-plugins (or at least I haven’'t found it), so the webfrontend is the only way I had (aside from other clients).

I agree, you’'ve lost me.

In my code, (I’‘m using jabber and xmpp libraries created here at work before i started), i’‘m literally just connecting to jabber, getting a request for a username and password, filling in the correct places in an xml, then sending the packet back with my username and password. That’'s logging in, is that the same as registering? If not, then I have not manually registered my username/password with the wildfire server. I hope this helps.

I think daniel was asking for the registration with the aim-transport.

Somewhere you have to fill in your aim-name, aim-password and so on.

The gateway-plugin cannot guess it, so it has to be entered somewhere.

This can be done by some clients, or by using the webfrontend.

After doing this the gatewayplugin knows which jabberuser is connected with wich other-im-user.

hmm… Daniel, i am having problems over here too.

I upgraded to OF 3.3.0 / IM GW 1.1 two days ago, and since this morning the AIM gateway seems to be extremely sluggish. This is an upgraded server, where im worked just fine on. Some users work fine with the gateway, but suddenly all AIM contacts disappear (i am not sure about the other contacts, since we only use AIM as gateway), and some other users can’‘t get their AIM rooster to be shown at all… Some show the rooster with all users offline, some don’'t show the rooster at all…

Any idea what to look for?

Without more information, there’‘s not a lot I can tell you. debug/error logs would help though. I have noticed, btw, something weird where openfire itself seems to be showing some errors when I send packets. I haven’‘t yet tracked down what’‘s causing that, but I noticed a similar behavior earlier, I think, where I logged in, I saw the AIM and ICQ transports come online, but nothing else did, and I had a completely empty roster. I saw the error in question in my logs … It’'s a very long traceback that ends in:


at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method)

at com.jcraft.jzlib.ZStream.read_buf(ZStream.java:199)

at com.jcraft.jzlib.Deflate.fill_window(Deflate.java:983)

at com.jcraft.jzlib.Deflate.deflate_slow(Deflate.java:1120)

at com.jcraft.jzlib.Deflate.deflate(Deflate.java:1567)

at com.jcraft.jzlib.ZStream.deflate(ZStream.java:133)

at org.apache.mina.filter.support.Zlib.deflate(Zlib.java:176)

at org.apache.mina.filter.CompressionFilter.filterWrite(CompressionFilter.java:198 )

I disconnected and reconnected via my XMPP account and everything cleared itself up.