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AIM presence

I am experiencing a problem with AIM when using multiple clients logged in using the same account.

When I log in using the first client the presence of my AIM buddies is displayed correctly. However, when I log in with another client (using another resource) all my AIM buddies appear as offline. AIM presence information is not sent by the transport to this new resource.

It all works fine when using the MSN transport.

Regards, Lars

Couple of questions:

For the first account that was logged in, what was it’'s:



For the second account that was logged in, what was it’'s:



And lastly, it’'s the second account that logged in that showed everyone offline, right?

Hi Daniel,

I created a small test to identify the issue. I wrote two very simple xmpp clients with the following characteristics:

Client 1:

Resource: res12

Priority: 12

Client 2:

Resource: res24

Priority: 24

First client 1 logs in. I receive all presence information as expected. Then I start the second client. It receives a presence stanza from the transport indicating that it is available.

Next, client 1 receives the following error message for each of the AIM contacts:

Client 2 does not receive presence information for any of the AIM contacts.

Does this make any sense to you?

Regards, Lars

Oh, btw, starting the clients in reverse order shows the same behaviour.


Yikes. GATE-204