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AIM video supported?

I can’t get AIM video to work. I’m using iChat as IM client and succesfully connect to the Openfire Jabber server using the IM gateway. But for some reason other people can’t see my video capabilities. Is this supported in IM Gateway? Is there anything else I need to be doing in the Openfire config? Client config? Thanks.

This hasent been implemented, although there might be a possibility that this could be added although i’m not really sure.


Howdy! As winsrev pointed out, no, it’s not supported right now. Honestly, I’m not sure it’ll ever be supported until overall video chat or network technology improves. I was talking with someone who’s done a lot of work with audio and video chat and apparently it’s difficult enough to just get chat packets from point A to point B and have it come out looking good/working well. Throw in a middleman of the IM gateway plugin and you are not going to have a good experience. It’s not “not on the table” though. Who knows, something might work out, technology might improve, might even find a clever way of handling it. (user A requests a video chat with user B, im gateway automatically responds with a “you can’t do this, but go to this URI and you can do it another way”) etc etc