AJAX Browser based client

Are there any browser based clients that use AJAX and not Tomcat / JVM?


Yes, JWChat is pure AJAX. You need XMPP-over-HTTP support in the server, though. You can achieve this by using punjab for example, which is written in python.


We’'re actively working on this!



Has anyone expressed interest in a Smack-like AJAX library? I know we would be very interested in that - more so than a COTS-type of client that we couldn’'t customize very much.



That’‘s exactly what we’'re building:

  • A low-level AJAX library, much like Smack.

  • A set of GUI components that make it easy to embed real-time messaging into web-apps.

  • A full, polished web client.


Excellent! Can’'t wait to check it out!