All contacts lost

We have had a some complaints from users that all of their contacts magically disappear. I haven’'t been able to duplicate the problem, but it has been reported twice now. We are running version 3.1.1 on Red Hat EL4. Has anyone else seen this problem? Any ideas on how to track it down?

Bob Sloane

Hi, describes probably the same problem but with the current version.

Would you please check if clearing the caches within Wildfire resolves the issue also for you temporarily?

I’'ll creating issue JM-1016 in any case, but it will help a lot to know if clearing the db caches using http://server:9091/system-cache.jsp works also for you.


Hey Bob,

Which client are you using? Is this problem happening after a reconnection? Any steps we can follow to reproduce the problem would help us a lot.


– Gato

The particular user that reported the problem this time was using spark, but he has since upgraded to 2.0.8. So far the problem hasn’‘t re-occured, and I don’'t know of any way to reproduce it at will. Sorry.

Bob Sloane

I am also having this same issue. I have to sign out and in sometimes two or three times to get my list back. Also noticed that during this problem my name at the top of the roster doesnt resolve to my full name, only shows my user name.

Any insight I can give, just ask… I dont know what to share…

I am using Spark 2.5.0 on Windows XP and Wildfire 3.2.2 on Windows 2003. I have also had the issue using 2.0.8 on XP.

We are using LDAP auth, LDAP groups and LDAP vcard.