All online users aren't showing up in the roster

I have just installed Openfire 3.7 and am currently running Spark 2.5.8. Several users are part of a group, while some users are not part of a group. Users have individual contacts added that are not part of the group that user belongs to.

For instance, my userid (cromere) is part of the group Information Technology.

I see all the users from that group online (when they really are online).

I also have several other contacts added that are NOT part of my group.

They always show offline whether they are or not. I can still talk to them, but they do not show online.

I assume that is a setting somewhere that I’ve missed. I’ll attach a screenshot to show what I’m seeing.

The users I typed (online) next to really are online, but they show offline to me.

How do I resolve that issue?