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All Spark calls routing to my SIP ext?

Ok, need a lil help… I am sure this is a silly cfg mis-step somewhere;

Running @Home and Openfire 3.5.1, trying to get the Asterisk-IM plugin configured.

My plugin is happy, server is green, and on Asterisk I can see the admin/Manager loggin. Phone mappings test ok. I can dial extensions via X-Lite fine, check vmail, etc…

When I try to dial from Spark however, all dialed extensions ring on my extension! This only happens when I have my X-Lite SIP phone running. When I do not have X-Lite running the call never dials, the following appears on Asterisk console…

NOTICE[10557]: channel.c:2818 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/6000


I’m dealing with the same issue if you have been able to solve it i’m a buyer !

Please send a repport or any improvement on your side!


It’s because it rings your extension first and then connects to the other person after you answer. Asterisk-IM is not a softphone just a bridge between Asterisk and Openfire and your Phone