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All users to a group, even newly created

Is there a way to magically add all users to a group, so I can share the group to all users to populate the roster. I am moving over to openfire from JAbber from Cisco, whci h I am not sure is still a product from them. I am running on Windows. I manually recreated all of my users from my old DB, well ones that have logged in over the last 6 months.

I made a group, added 4 users I created to it and shared to all users. That works fine but only the people I manually added to the group show. Can users automatically be added to a group when they are created?

I used this to build in my initial users and add them to the group I had already set up for shared list

INSERT INTO [OpenFire].[dbo].[ofGroupUser] SELECT ‘Citrus Employees’ as groupName , [ofUser].[username] as username , 0 as administrator FROM [OpenFire].[dbo].[ofUser] LEFT JOIN [OpenFire].[dbo].[ofGroupUser] ON [ofGroupUser].[username] = [ofUser].[username] where [ofGroupUser].[username] is null

Looks like the Registration plugin will do this.