Allow only one login per user

I’ve been searching the support area for a few hours and can’t seem to find anything on this.

I’m new to Openfire and have it up and running connected to our AD. Works great, but we want to limit logins to only one per user. So if they login from another system, device or offsite, it kicks them off anywhere else they are logged in. I’ve tried to mess with the Resource Policy, but all the settings allow them to connect multiple times.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Still can’t seem to restrict Openfire to just allow only one login per user. Anyone else out there know how to do this?

I just know that if the clients have the same name (same resource name), they can only connect once per user

It is a useful feature that a client PC can connect one user several times to the OF server. The requirement ist a different ressource name for each client conecting to the OF server.

You can restrict client access to OF by using the client control plugin. This would limit client choice to one client e.g. Spark. I am not sure if this would prevent access of one user from different IPs.I think yes.

I agree that it is a usuful feature, but we wanted to restrict it so that if a user logs in from home, it disconnects them here. Only way I see that happening is if we use the exact same client and make sure that the Resource is set the same. I’d prefer it if we didn’t have to rely on the client side and it just allowed one on serverside.

ejabbered has this feature which is "special access max_user_sessions". I like Openfire thus far, but I do see some issues already with allowing more than one session per user.

In a recent test I had the same user connect from 3 places. Even with the route.all-resources set to true and all the clients having the same priority of 1, it did not work. And in some cases, the user did not receive any messages on any of the 3 clients he had open.

Any other tips or suggestions?

No other tip than get a Java developer to write a plugin for Openfire.

So just to confirm, there is no setting like all the other XMPP servers out there that limit max_sessions? I’ve been experimenting with other servers and really like Openfire, but the bosses really want to limit the login to just one per user.

Well, looks like the is no solution for that right now. You wil need someone to write an Openfire plugn for you.

Is the max_session ablity the only crtera for an XMPP server that your company wants to select? How much money is it worth to have this feature? The effort for this will be a couple of man days (not that I am selling services). Spendng this effort on the server should be justfied by a estmation of the value of such a feature.