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Allow Simultaneous/Multiple Client Logons from the Same User

Is there a way to setup OpenFire such that the same user can logon to multiple computers simultaneously? For example if I have user1 on ComputerA and user1 wishes to also logon to ComputerB at the same time without being disconnected on either computer, can this be done? I’ve seen the conflict policy section in the Admin server but I can’t seem to configure this so that it will allow what I want.


this is not possible if the client wants to use the same resource. Using Spark you have an advanced option on the login screen and there you can specify the resource. The default is Spark (this leads to a JID like yourname@example.com/Spark) and you may want to change this at home to “Home” and at work to “Work”. So you can login with both accounts.

Openfire will route the packets to the last active client if they are sent to "yourname@example.com" which is the default for an incoming chat request. One can still sent a message to the other client using the right resource like "yourname@example.com/Home" while you are at work. You’ll see this message when you login or arrive at home and not at work.


It is also possible to send messages to yourself. Some clients, e.g. Psi since 0.11, allow remote control of clients, too.