Allow users to log in multiple places

Anyone know if I can set up OpenFire to allow a single user to be logged in @ 2 different places? I have some users who hop around to 2 workstations throughout the day and would like to be logged in at both places. Currently, when they are logged in at pcA, then log in at pcB, pcA gets kicked off saying “Your connection was closed due to the same user logging in from another location.”

There is a Reconnect button on pcA but it never works.

I am using OpenFire 3.6.4 on the backend with Spark 2.5.8 for clients and use AD authentication without SSO.

Hi Tyler,

Spark has an option (Advanced) to define the resource. This one must be unique. Anyhow the messages will only be routed to the last active resource with a priority > 0, so one may miss messages which were received by the other computer.


Thanks for the reply. I tested it and it doesnt seem like that will work for my business case. I cant have users missing IMs.

Any ideas why the Reconnect button isnt working after getting booted off? That way users could just reconnect everytime they move pcs.

Hi Tyler,

you may be happy that it does not work. If it would work then one PC would kick the other one playing a funny ping-pong.


I’d like a user to be logged in on pcA, be able to login to pcB, kicking off pcA.

Then they could go back to pcA, choose Reconnect, and kick of pcB. Once again, go to pcB, Reconnect, and kick of pcA.

Any thoughts on why the Reconnect button doesnt work?


for me it works sometimes and sometimes it fails. I did not investigate why it fails but Spark does try an automated reconnect as far as I can tell - so when it works you may really hate this feature.


This works with the latest SVN version of Spark (spark-installer.exe from If you login with the same resource from another place, Spark will disconnect and say, that another user have logged in with the same username. It won’t try to reconnect. And when you press Reconnect in Spark, it will kick that another user and will login.

This sounds good.