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Alpha 4 available

The Alpha 4 release of the server is available. This is a quick fix release for non-standard roster subscription behavior of the server. See the changelog for details.

This update changes the schema for the jiveRoster table. See the database schema file for your database for the new table format. Existing customers should either drop the table and create a new one using the schema SQL, or alter the jiveRoster table, adding the new recv INTEGER NOT NULL column with a default value of -1 for existing records.

Subscription has one bug introduced in Alpha 4 that needs to be eliminated.

After a mutual subscription is established, a spurious <presence type=’‘subscribe’’> is sent.

The bug shouldn’‘t cause harm to clients but may be confusing. I’‘ve tested against Psi and Exodus and don’'t see anything bad happen so I released alpha 4 with the bug. Expect it to be fixed in alpha 5.