Alphabetic Order


I would like to know what is the way to put the nasted groups and the list of status description in alphabetic order.


Can you explain in more details what you want to achieve? Groups are always sorted in alphabetic order. Contacts in groups are sorted by presence (online first) and then in alphabetic order. There is no additional sorting options, though i have filed a feature request to add an option to sort contacts in group only in alphabetical order rather than sorting by presence first.

Let me try to be more specific.

When I create the nasted groups, they still out of order. The groups are fine, but the sub-groups (nasted), not. It seems that they take the order of criation and not alphabetic order.

The other problem, is the status (online, busy, free to chat, etc…). The Spark lets you set custom descriptions to this status. And the problem is the same. They are out of order, and they take the criation order. If I put my first status description with letter “A”, and later put another with letter “C”, Spark shows the description with letter “C” first, up.

I have no problems with the contacts. They are in alphabetic order.

I’ll try to make an example. I hope you understand.











SPARK-1095, SPARK-1096

How to create a nested group?

Man, i have already explained this twice here SPARK-1095 (: Don’t know how should i explain it better. It’s that simple. You just give a group a special name and it appears (this is only a visual effect) as a part of another group in Spark. E.g:

create a group in Admin Console in Openfire with name “test”, enable sharing for it and give it a sharing name “Testing”

create a group in Admin Console with name “design”, enable sharing for it and give it a sharing name “Testing :: Design” (yes, with colons and spaces before and after the :: and without quotes). In Spark those groups will appear like:


…> Design

Design will look like a nested group, though in reality it is not a child of Testing group. Btw, in other clients separator for nesting is a configurable option (in Exodus \ is a default, but you can choose whatever you want), would be nice to have an option for that in Spark, so i won’t have to rename all the groups if the migrate to Spark.

P.S. something is broken in Jive SBS with smiles…

wow. Is this an intended feature of Openfire? It would never came to my mind to do something like that on the server… We’ll look into it for 2.6.1

No, this has nothing to do with Openfire. Giving a group a display name “one :: two” is the same like “one ?№*; two”. Openfire will accept anything (well, i think almost anything) for a name. It is a Spark feature to convert display names with " :: " to a visually nested groups. As i said, some other clients support that too, so it is a somewhat widely known and old feature.