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Alternative solution for Fastpath Webchat?

Hi Community.

I’m testing OpenFire+FastPath+Webchat and see that the solution is working ok. However, the FastPath Webchat and/or FastPath developments are not active anymore so I wonder if there are other alternative solution with same functionalities as those above. Secondly, does anyone have the latest COMPILED version of FastPath and Webchat? I’m not very good at JAVA programming knowledge.

Thank you in advance.

I there :slight_smile: im using an alternate configuration and its working fine.

Since i could not manage to work openfire 3.7.1 with fastpath and webchat

since webchat service do not start because i guess some problem with openfire webserver

I had installed tomcat with webchat.war and openfire 3.7.1 with fastpath and it works.

Until now its working fine with some minor errors :slight_smile:


How do you install webchat in tomcat? I am running openfire 3.7.1 on Windows 2008 Server R2. I have the webserver running. Can I put webchat somewhere on my windows box?

Its simple, just copy webchar.war from http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp in tomcat’s webapp.