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Alternatives to Install4j

Are there other installers (preferably free/open source) that can create a .exe for Spark as well as packages for linux and osx? Install4j works great in demo mode, but I’m looking for something with a cheaper price tag for multi platform

Ya know, honestly, I’d like to hear the answer to this as well. I’m not really a big fan of install4j.

(at least for Windows, building linux and OS X ones should be fairly easy once I sit down and look into it… I’d like to use more open source tools if possible, less dependent on things we have to pay for. and did I mention the thing about not liking install4j? ;D ;D ;D)

I’m look around and found a couple of interesting things to start with … Launch4j and JSmooth look fairly interesting for example. If I can build the java start executable easily, I can use the free tools provided by microsoft on sourceforge to build MSIs that are exactly like the .exe and there won’t be this irritating different behavior based off what you used to install anymore. =)

I was able to create an exe wrapper using jsmooth (Freeware) and then packaged it in an MSI using Advanced Installer (Freeware)

Works great, and best of all, free.

Thanks for the information but Advanced Installer is not a freeware, only a trial.

I thought Advanced installer still provided a free version, just with some restrictions or watermarks.

In the past, I’ve packaged Openfire as a Windows Service using Apache Commons Daemon -
https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-daemon/ - you can then use any-old installer (e.g. https://installforge.net/) to package it up.

ISTR I did have to make a minor change to get the ServerStarter class to get the “stop service” functionality.

Hello, thanks for your feedback and your help. I have finally managed to create a msi package for OPSI and it seems to work.I have used AppDeploy Repackager. I have to make more tests but it seems ok.

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