Always on Top, Spark 2.7.7 B810

Good Morning everyone,

The latest version is always starting with “Always on Top” active, even though the box is NOT checked in preferences. If we go into preferences and check the box and un-check it again it resolved the issue until the next time Spark is started after a reboot.

Is there a way to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this?


I haven’t experienced that. Do you mean that when you start Spark its roster window always stays in front when you bring up other programs? Or are you talking about a chat window? Anything in the logs? C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

Yes, it’s, the Roster Window stays on top, as does any conversation that is started.

Nothing in the logs, just the normal stuff.

OK everyone, I have found that uninstalling it, removing the Spark folder in %AppData% and then re-installing fixed the issue. Whew!

I was going to suggest this next. This is the last resort solution, but as i update Spark to a newer build (or downgrade) on a daily basis and haven’t ran into it, i was curious to find out the cause. But, whatever