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Always "Waiting for member" in fastpath

i have openfire 3.6.4 and webchat and fastpath installed on server linux… openfire run fine with clients psi and pidgin, i install webchat for asistence fastpath plugins…i add conference room soporte and workgroup soporte and add one user and a group but always appear Waiting for member, but i’m online and group are online too … don’t know what happen. need other thing? if i’m logged on in pidgin should be show one agent connected?

ty for advence.

I have had this issue before, what worked for me is to have that user reboot their Spark and check when they log back in if it changes that status.

already started all server, but i don’t use spark for users… i dont know if that is the problem, i use psi for connect all staff, then i need connect staff with spark?

Now can view online user, if i connect by spark, but i know is possible connect with PSI and system create an anonym user and you can support without spark or dont know how… the idea i can make support only with login with psi or pidgin…

I believe a requirement of Fastpath is the use of Spark by the support technicians.

See http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1513 for a Quick Start Guide.


Ty so much for Guide…, but in a company i work for some time, did not use the spark only staff connected to the pidgin, right there came to them the requirement of a chat client, and only with the number 1 to accept the chat, that is only needed to be connected by the pidgin to reach a formal chat, and created in as an anonymous user in server…