American Disabled Veterans (blind & deaf) need a little help

I’m looking for a developer or team who wants to do a customization job utilizing Openfire/Fastpath and Spark -or- Sparkweb to help the combat wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly those who are blind and vision disabled.

The job is for a non-profit veterans organization ( and would have to be 508 compliant in nature (able to be read by either JAWS, ChromeVox, MS Reader) screen readers used by and for blind veterans to receive a message online through Fastpath to a phone number (initially entered into a Fastpath custom field). The blind agent could then hit a function key (hot key) and that would cause it to dial out via a Cloud call API . When someone picked up the line, the blind agent would relay a message, that was placed into his/her chat by a deaf veteran and then type back a response via Fastpath of the response message that was sent and received. The system is meant as an alternative to TTD/TTY for the deaf veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan - a personal message relay system where a blind veteran makes a relay call for a deaf veteran. Possibilities of text to speech and interactive voice response to be used as well through the cloud call API.

We don’t care really what is used (strictly Spark plugin or possibly SparkWeb with Red5 along with Fastpath). And we will make available Cloud call developers to assist with the API integration. Compensation negotiable, but we are a non-profit. Anyone interested?