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Ampersands escaped twice before being saved to XML?

I have a server set up to work with AD. The LDAP query has an

ampersand in it. When written to openfire.xml, it is correctly written

out as &. When

rerunning the LDAP setup, this gets escaped again into

& and breaks LDAP when the

server is restarted.

Is this a known thing with known scenarios that I should avoid or is this just a random bug?


enough, you can see the same kind of effect when posting a discussion

in rich text, then switching back and forth to preview.

& gets repeatedly escaped into &

I believe the problem is with the EOL’s being posted behind each line when the service is restarted. I just spent a good hour bangin my head on this before a co-worker took my “pre service restart copy” copied post install, and then a “post service restart copy” and ran a “vim -d pre post” to identify the EOL’s being posted. We thought we would outsmart the bug and make the file read only. It then prompts us to log in with our AD credentials and THEN asks us to select our language… like we had never set it up before. Long story short, no worky. Devs please advise. Thanks,