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And now?


So now,

Where we begin ?

Someone has done a draft of the JEP ?

which libs will we use ?

how will we work ?

using svn ? cvs ? another ? where it will be hosted ?


There’‘s still some ground work that needs to be completed, IMO, before we start jumping into the CM. One is the JEP. We need to come to a consensus as to how we’'re going to formulate the packets (if at all) how do we handle side by side deployment (i.e… client connect directly to the server or the cm at the same time).

The two engineering pieces are a test environment that can generate at least 10k connection (preferably from other machines) and a metering package that can profile the external process time (how long from the client perspective) and internal process time, how long does it take to buffer incoming messages, how long does it take to send it to the server, how long does the server take to process the request, etc. Plus, cpu, memory, disk utilization.

SVN is hosted here and I’‘ve already requested to space be carved out. I have a metering package based on JMX that should be sufficient to get the metrics we’'re after.

Libraries: EIO (twistedmatrix), EmberIO, JCyclone, QuickServer are all libraries that need review, but most importantly we need to make sure they can handle at least 10k connections. If they can’'t then there is no point in using them unless other technical merits prove otherwise.

http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=15845&tstart=0 is the place to start to evaluate each load generator. We should be to create some script/use cases as the initial load. These should be slightly more than trivial and hopefully be more along the lines of bindmark (https://bindmark.dev.java.net/).

I’'ve also requested that a content system be added to js.org like Jive Knowledge Base or Confluence so we can store structured content (like JEP proposals and use cases) in a structured way.

How does this sound?


Yes first the JEP, but where we’'ll develop it, you say you asked for a Knowledge Base, does someone from Jive Soft answer to this request ?

Then for the two engineering pieces, after done the JEP, we can divide in two workshop for each stuff, and a third workshop with all the people who want to participate to develop the CM.

Good for svn, but where is “here” ? on jivesoftware server ? or your server ?

About different libs, perhaps someone can be charged to contact each development group, or search on documentation to view differents properties of each lib ?

For me it’'s sounds right

I’'ve spoken to Matt Tucker (matt) about SVN and Knowledge Base. SVN should happen pretty soon, KB might take some more time.

Here[/i] refers to http://www.jivesoftware.org/fisheye/viewrep/svn-org/messenger. This is hosted on js.org server.

I’‘ve contacted JCyclone already. There project is progressing, but the community is small. EIO looks interesting, but I havn’'t dug any deeper than just finding it.

It’'s on our shoulders to evaulate the different IO libs for the task at hand.

I’'ve spoken to Matt Tucker (matt) about SVN and

Knowledge Base. SVN should happen pretty soon, KB

might take some more time.

I’‘ll get SVN done today. The knowledge base is actually already up as of last night. It doesn’'t have any content yet and I need to do some configuration tasks, but you can see it at http://www.jivesoftware.org/community. The old path of /forums automatically goes to the forums index page.



Thanks Matt! I’'ll keep an eye out for svn.