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Android conversation app connection problem

Hello all

I have facing a problem to connection openfire with android conversation app. it quit strange problem

this works well when connecting to openfire which is installed on any linux server and normal window os like win7 or win8

But when i install openfire on window server 2012 this app not connecting.

also i chat with converstion app community (feedback) then this problem is from server side

Have you checked if it is not a firewall issur? Try disabling firewall for a while.

Hello wroot

thanks for reply

sorry but i disables my firewall (pc) as well allow (open) all port with incoming and outgoing traffic. i do all the thngs but can not connect

Hello guys,

I have this problem too.

  • Openfire (4.1.4) is installed on a Win2016 Server with AD auth. Pidgin or Spark work great.

  • On my Android device (Galaxy S5), i tried Xabber (OK but no file transfer and we can’t insert picture), ChatSecure (OK) but I can’t connect with Conversations app.

I put my JID/pass and my server, touch “Connect”, i have a wanring popup for my self-signed certificate but nothing else.