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Android OS Jabber Client for Openfire

I run openfire over the internet. Lots of Firewall chnages to do that, but no issues at this time. Runs well. I have even been able to use a Jabber app for our Apple IPAD and IPHONE users - MONAL. I am having great difficulty with a jabber client for Android OS. We would like our employees to have a client on the smart phones so they can connect to the openfire server. So far with Android OS, no joy. I try all configurations with the jabber phone apps - in particular - XABBER. But I never get a connection. I find the settings confusing as well. When creating a client in openfire, you can make it whatever you wish…such jsmith…mjones But when I try to input that username in the android jabber client field for the username, it always rejects that and insist on the format of jsmith@whatever domain whch is not the created users name in the Openfire server. Also, I use port 5223 for obvious reasons.

Has anybody had any luck with using an Android App on their smartphone and connecting to openfire with their account?

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As an update to this post I left…I have a found a nice program that works well with the Jabber client on the Android OS. It is called JABIRU. Here is the URL if anybody is interested.

Try imo instant messenger

That format userid@xmpp.server.domain is the standard JID (Jabber ID) format. You need to enter the domain name of the server on which that id resides.

If your XMPP server is xmpp.mycompany.com, then user **joe **would be joe@xmpp.mycompany.com.

Thank you for the input. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the info. I will take a look at imo. Much appreciate the response.

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We only permit access thru ssl port 5223. I am not able to connect using IMO, but that makes sense since it is most likely trying to connect using jabber non ssl port 5222. Is there a way that you know of to configure IMO? I was greeted only with option to input username and password. Thank you,

Why use SSL on port 5223 when you should be using TLS on port 5222?

I actually cannot dispute that as I am not that up on all of this yet. But…I can tell you that this was done using a Sonicwall and we shut down port 5222 completely…forcing any client to connect by using 5223.

I just set it up on my phone with xabber. The problem i had at first was unter the allowed client list. I had to allow the connection of all client programs. Like spark, Pandion and other jabber client apps.

The other option that you could use it to change the resource name under the xabber client. change it yo spark instead of android3246 or whatever yours is.

I use trillian on my droid. Two different openfire servers, AIM, and Windows Live all going right now on it so I chat with everyone instead of work

I using Andriod mobile i try to install imo instant messager its install, after i install its only showing imo.msn,skype, yahoo etc., its not have openfire or manul

How to i confire openfire server details in imo Isntant meassger,

please tell me .

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B.William Ferdinand

It’s Jabber on imo:


I’m having issues as well. The first time I set up xabber it wouldn’t sign on with my asus infinity. I didn’t realize in the tray it had a certificate warning. I was just testing the server and didn’t install a good 3rd party cert so it is just a self signed one. Once I was able to confirm the certificate it allowed me to log in with my JID


Now the issue is in xabber I cannot add a contact. I’ve tried their JID etc and no luck. Also it seems its logged in but when I look at my PC it still says “pending”.

As for IMO I wouldn’t touch that program even though its nice, its privacy policy is absurd. Even though you are trying to sign in directly to your own private openfire server it still sort of relays and watches and collects everything you say and do. It also requires location services and all that. It looks like a great program and if it charged just for a stand alone client for openfire without proxying for it, I’d pay for it.

Anyone know of any direct client to server (openfire) android apps? Also looking for IOS apps as well.

Thanks great! I would try these . At the same time. is that possible to integrate the GPS information from the client and communicate with the server to find the nearest stuff.

Hello I am bit confuse is their any way that I can code for Android Video Chat so that I can Connect to the server from My android app for video chat. is there any apk availabe or any api Relese for so.

so that I can use it for Coding or code is available

You may want to use Freelab Messenger

Freelab messenger have a modern and easy to use interface.

It is very easy to use for the end user because normally it gets all the configuration from the SRV DNS records

the code is optimized for mobile applications with the corresponding XEP implemented

to get more information about this client



i think imo is not a direct client for your xmpp server and do pass through a proxy server

for some persons this would be a no go solution.