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Animated avatar?


Does the latest version support animated gifs as avatar?

No it doesn’t. It looks like a complicated issue. SPARK-548

Animated GIF’s were investigated during the 2.6.0 dev cycle. If you are a talented Java programmer, we would be interested in some insight regarding GIF and Java.

I did some Java programming a few years back, but only the basics which I’ve forgotten already

However I found some links concerning GIF and Java:

http://www.devdaily.com/blog/post/jfc-swing/use-animated-gif-image-in-jfc-swing- application


and also a book: Java Swing by Robert Eckstein

java supports gifs for display

but it cannot convert them into a bytestream to submit it to the server

so looks like ver 2.6.2 has animated avatar enabled, but it is not displaying in my spark window, getting a blank square there when I added an animated gif, any one else getting this?

I have tested this a while ago with a random gif file and it was working fine. Animated avatar showing both in the roster and in the chat window. Maybe your image is different. Try another one or upload the one which is not working for you.

Its not allowing me to upload on this page … however, for the gif, I can see it animated in the avatar tab, where I need to choose the pic, but once I close and return to the main window, its blank there

yeah some gifs seems to have a different encoding and theyre not working

no idea why this happens

i find gifs highly annoying and its driving me nuts when a contact has one

You can probably attach it as an image or use advanced editor mode here to upload files. Thoughm if Wolf doesn’t know what to do with such gifs, there is no point to upload i think.

ok then, thx for the info, hopefully will get one which works

I did it in Java, you can use swing to display an animated avatar :

java animated gif