Animated avatar?

Hi, im new here, im running server 3.8 and spark 2.6.3.

is there any way to get animated avatars to work on spark?

Currently Spark supports some gifs (can’t say what’s the difference between them). A way would be to find a good java programmer knowing about gifs and encoding/decoding them with bytestream.

is there link to some animated gifs that are confirmed working?

No. I haven’t tryed a lot of them and i don’t even remember or can find one of them. This is hit or miss situation, maybe just few % of all gifs will work.

do you know if there is a specific size and width , or how big the file has to big?

Animated GIF for Saprk Avatars work. I have a genie that bows in my Spark. 2.6.3 works. There is a trick that took some time to get. If you create a GIF with e.g. GIMP the meta data of the GIF has text (like “created with GIMP”) This meta data has to be empty.

A working GIF should be this:

thats a very nice avatar, i dowloaded it and selected in spark but it just comes up as a blank square

it shows up when i log in for the other users, but then when you chat with me the box is white

Feel free to create one new thread if you have a question. Reviving old threads is often a bad idea. Posting the question in multiple places is even worse.

Sorry, but I can not recall how to fix that one. Anything in the logs?