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Announcing a new smack application (Ajax) Google Web Toolkit

Hi All,

I’'ve finished working on an open source chat Application based on Smack API. It is 100% Ajax (Google Web Toolkit) which is using Smack API extensively. It is well tested with Google Talk and it supports all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla. Anyone interested in the application can download source code at http://cde.di.uniba.it/projects/livejabber/ under MIT License. Anyone interested in the application or want to contribute, can contact me at nichisoft@libero.it .

Best Wishes

Nicola Modugno

How do I deploy it ? I tried unzipping it into webapps and accessing http://server:8080/Livejabber and it didn’'t work…


Type into your web browser: http://localhost:8080/LiveJabber/LiveJabber.html

Enjoy it

The problem was that I delete cache hehe, maybe you should rename those.


I guess I must have something wrong, I can connect fine, but Firefox goes 100% CPU usage and gets extremelly slow. The contact list is on the right but it takes about 8 pages of the browser to scroll on all users. That is pretty unusable to me. Did I get things right?

Here’'s a screeshot: http://www.adplabs.com.br/Screenshot.png


Please wait new LiveJabber version

Will do! Thanks you, keep up the good work!

Download new version. ChatWidget windows improved

will try it later!