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Announcing Whack

Hey all,

Today, we’'re announcing a new project – Whack. Whack is a Java library for creating XMPP components (JEP-0114). Components enhance the functionality of XMPP servers. Examples of components:

  • Implementations of various JEP’'s.

  • Gateways to other IM systems.

  • Enhanced logging services in a server.

Whack and Smack compliment each other well – Whack seeks to accomplish what Smack has as an XMPP client API – being simple yet powerfull.

Code for Whack is already in CVS, although it’‘s in an early stage. One thing we’‘re fairly excited about is new classes to represent XMPP packets. The objects are implemented as wrappers around DOM4J elements. It’‘s a simple yet very powerful model and it looks likely that we’‘ll be moving over the Jive Messenger internal packet representation to use these classes when they’'re ready.

The first release of Whack is likely 1-2 months away, but we’'ll keep everyone posted on progress.