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Announcing XIFF

Hey all,

Today, we’'re announcing a new project – XIFF. XIFF is a Flash client API for XMPP.

Many thanks to Sean Vosein (www.voisen.org) for allowing us to “carry the torch” with XIFF development. We look forward to what the community adds to this great library.

The current release of XIFF is the latest codebase plus contributions from several members of the jivesoftware.org community. The code for XIFF is available to download, although it’'s in an early stage.

The first release of XIFF is likely about 3 weeks away, so we’'ll keep everyone posted on progress. We will be adding additional examples and documentation over the next few weeks as well.



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very good!!!

thanks all !

Just wanted to say that I’‘m happy Jive Software has breathed new life into this project - and I think they got me excited again for it too! I’'m happy to continue to contribute.

BTW, the URL is www.voisen.org, but there’'s nothing important to see there anyway

Awesome news!

It’'s great to see someone is carrying on with this great API.

I’'ve been using XIFF with Jive Messenger for a few weeks and found them to be a perfect match.

I’'m looking forward to participate in it.


Pablo Costantini

I would like to show people a working client I made and I would like to see other peoples

example as well, so jabber me with new ideas, ER’'s and I will add these changes when I can. For example I need a better login screen.

Thanks dan


Dan - thanks for sharing what you are working on! Looking good!

Thank you folk for taking this on. It could really lead to some great stuff!